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Flamenco Louisville

Flamenco Louisville is the community for Flamenco lovers in the greater Louisville/Southern Indiana area. We are dancers, musicians, teachers and Flamenco fans who want to keep the Flamenco experience active and present in our lives though we live far from Spain. Through classes, workshops and parties (“juergas”) at our studio at 1710 Frankfort Avenue and various locations throughout the city, we offer an inclusive, collaborative environment in which YOU participate in Flamenco. Visit us at FlamencoLouisville.org or by calling (502) 235-3998.

For a complete schedule…. please visit the Flamenco Louisville website.

Louisville Ballet

At the Louisville Ballet, Diana provides a “cross-training” experience for students in the ballet program. Flamenco’s emphasis on self-expression and reliance on musical collaboration, often with live musicians, are valuable tools for these ballet dancers striving for the technical perfection required of them in their ballet classes. Musicality, self-expression – these are things that will differentiate them. Diana also leads them in using flamenco structure to create solos for themselves which is a great exercise for budding choreographers.

For more information, please visit the Louisville Ballet website.

For Flamenco Students:  Student Resources Guide.