School Programs – Workshop Descriptions and Prices


Workshops can be adapted to suit all ages.

Express Yourself With Flamenco!

This Spanish dance form is an exciting way to express your feelings with beauty and strength. In this workshop, you’ll enjoy a short demonstration of Flamenco. Then you’ll be up on your feet to try Flamenco rhythms and dance moves yourself. Bring your creative self, your cultural curiosity and get ready to shout “Ole!”

Performance/ Lecture Demonstration for K-12: An Interactive Performance

Recommended to reach the largest number of students

A variety of traditional palos (song forms) are showcased with full costuming and instrumentation. Core curriculum concepts in music and dance are illustrated and explored through audience participation from their seats. Activities between performance pieces include rhythmic handclapping, footwork, arm and hand movements and “jaleos”, traditional shouts of encouragement in Spanish. Performance piece introductions include historical and cultural information about Spain and the Spanish-speaking nations. Q&A session after the performance, time permitting.

  • 40-50 minutes (one standard class period) with no audience limit
  • Stage or multi-purpose room, minimum 16’ x 16’ performance area,
  • No carpet, minimum of 2 working microphone.
  • Single – $500, Double – $800*
  • Please have a dressing area available to artists.
  • Sound system can be provided if requested for an additional fee.
  • Teacher guide included

Demonstration & Workshop for K-12

Recommended to achieve “depth of experience” for a limited number of students

Students will enjoy a demonstration of authentic Flamenco dance and then experience flamenco rhythm and movement directly. Drawing heavily on Kentucky core curriculum principles in dance and music, students will learn basic Flamenco movements of the upper body and feet, how to accompany Flamenco dance and music with rhythmic handclapping, and how to sequence movement within Flamenco structure in response to the music. Spanish vocabulary can be incorporated into the instruction to add foreign language components to the program.

  • Up to 50 minutes (one standard class period) depending on age and class schedules
  • Student limit: 25-30 in a regular classroom (recommended); 50-60 in a gym/auditorium/multi-purpose room with amplification provided and appropriate adult supervision.
  • No carpet
  • Single – $300, Double – $450, Triple – $550*
  • Same day in conjunction with Performance/Lecture Demonstration:
  • $200 each, up to two
  • Teacher guide included.

* Outside a 50-mile radius of Louisville, KY, additional travel and lodging fees
will apply.


Can achieve depth and breadth for a school community

Custom-designed residencies, some culminating in student performance, can be
created for your students incorporating movement, music, Spanish language and cultural study. The workshop model is employed with a consistent group of students over multiple visits in order to explore Flamenco dance, music and Spanish language/culture more deeply. Students will work collaboratively with the instructor’s supervision to develop a Flamenco choreography with beginning, middle and end that incorporates different pathways, levels, etc. The incorporation of traditional costume pieces can be included, narration regarding the cultural context of the artform can be developed and a variety of cross-disciplinary curriculum concepts can be explored.

  • Culminating performance presentations by the students require a minimum of 4 days of residency, preferably 5.
  • A 3-day residency with a consistent group of students would be the minimum requirement for the workshop-style model but would not include culminating performance.
  • Given that Hawthorne and Blum are local schools, this residency concept could be applied over a longer time frame.
  • Residency work with a specific group may also be combined with Lecture/Demo and/or one-time Workshop experience for additional involvement of student population.
  • Rates negotiable depending on schedule.

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“I was amazed at how attentive the kids appeared to be. In fact, one of the kids who normally has ‘attention issues’ really seemed to be getting into it. I’m happy to give you a glowing endorsement.”
– Ann, Friends School

“My students reveled in the opportunity to participate kinesthetically in this program. The exposure to authentic flamenco was a wonderful way to enhance the cultural component of foreign language learning.”
– Alice, Twin Valley South High School

“As an instructor, Diana has demonstrated a remarkable gift for producing projects that are creative and accessible for age 4 to adults. She has a wonderful rapport with visitors and is able to instill the joy and power of her art form in those she instructs. She is extremely dependable, well prepared and able to handle emergent situations easily.”
– Bryan Warren, Speed Museum